We believe in the quality of what we publish.  We put our authors and editors first, and know the importance of getting publications indexed in reputed repositories. Therefore, immediately after publishing, we submit all our books for indexing in NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf and PubMed. The process for getting a book chapter indexed in PubMed is different from the process for journal articles. When a journal is accepted for indexing, all articles published in that journal gets indexed. This is not the case with books. For books, there is something called NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf. Each book undergoes independent evaluation by NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf for scientific and technical quality. Once a book passed scientific quality, to get indexed, the next step is to prepare special files in accordance with the stringent guidelines of NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf. Once these files pass verification, the chapters will be indexed in PubMed. While there is absolutely no guarantee that all books will be accepted, to date, we have a 100% success rate, and all books we have published to date are now in NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf and PubMed. Indexing in Europe PubMed Central is via their collaboration with NCBI Bookshelf. Following is the list of books that are indexed in NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf and PubMed.

11. Alzheimer’s Disease. ISBN: 978-0-6468096-8-7. PMID: 31895508; Bookshelf ID: NBK552148

10. Computational Biology. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-9-5. PMID: 31815381; Bookshelf ID: NBK550339

9. Hepatocellular Carcinoma. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-8-8. PMID: 31664798; Bookshelf ID: NBK549195

8. Paraganglioma: A Multidisciplinary Approach. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-7-1. PMID: 31294937; Bookshelf ID: NBK 543227

7. Parkinson’s Disease: Pathogenesis and Clinical Aspects. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-6-4. PMID: 30702835; Bookshelf ID: NBK536721

6. Noncutaneous Melanoma. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-5-7. PMID: 29874011; Bookshelf ID: NBK506988

5. Cutaneous Melanoma: Etiology and Therapy. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-4-0. PMID: 29461782; Bookshelf ID: NBK481862 

4. Multiple Sclerosis: Perspectives in Treatment and Pathogenesis. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-3-3. PMID: 29261258Bookshelf ID: NBK470153

3. Glioblastoma. ISBN: 978-0-9944381-2-6. PMID: 29251853; Bookshelf ID: NBK469998;

2. Wilms Tumor. ISBN 978-0-9944381-1-9. PMID: 27512751; Bookshelf ID: NBK373360

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease. ISBN 978-0-9944381-0-2. PMID: 27512748; Bookshelf ID: NBK373386