Public Education Series

Exon Publications is proud to introduce the Public Education Series, crafted in direct response to public queries. Our commitment to disseminating scientific knowledge is grounded in our authoritative, peer-reviewed books on various diseases, which are indexed in the NCBI Bookshelf and PubMed, serving primarily the scientific community. In contrast, the Public Education Series addresses the public's queries to understand complex medical topics in simple terms.

The Public Education Series translates scientific findings and medical terminology into straightforward language. Aimed at ensuring that anyone with a basic understanding of English can benefit, this series addresses the common queries we have received over the years from individuals seeking to better understand diseases affecting them or their loved ones.

Depending on the subject, we publish this information in formats ranging from short chapters to comprehensive monographs. While our primary audience is the general public, these materials also serve as valuable resources for junior researchers and medical professionals new to their fields. The articles and books are published with unique DOIs and can be cited as indicated alongside each article. Researchers and medical professionals will recognize that the style of publication mirrors that of peer-reviewed journals, with the primary difference being the minimal use of scientific jargon and medical terminology.

In developing content, we consciously avoid topics like dietary solutions and alternative therapies that lack scientific backing, particularly those claiming to cure cancer. Additionally, we refrain from offering personal advice on managing life with disease, recognizing that each individual's experience is unique.

This initiative is a testament to our dedication to serving the community. We bear all costs associated with the production and publishing of these materials, ensuring that they are freely available on our website. This is our way of ensuring everyone has access to trustworthy health information.