ISBN: 978-0-6453320-0-1
Exon Publications, Brisbane, Australia

Andrea Gallamini, MD (Editor)
Research and Innovation Department, A. Lacassagne Cancer Center, Nice, France

Malik Juweid, MD (Editor)
Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Jordan University Hospital and Medical School, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

Lymphoma is a group of lymphoid neoplasms originating from B or T lymphocytes. Lymphoma is now the fifth most common cancer in the United States, with a chance of affecting 1:41 men and 1:52 women in their lifetime. The reason for this increase is poorly understood and could be attributed to immunodeficiency, various infections, familial aggregation, blood transfusion, genetic predisposition, diet, and chemical exposures to pesticides and solvents. Our understanding of the molecular biology and genetics of Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma has increased exponentially, and new imaging techniques have revolutionized our overall clinical approach to the disease. The seven chapters of this book provide a comprehensive account of these advances. The first four chapters cover the developments in classification of lymphoma in general and a detailed description of specific subtypes of lymphoma, their pathology, and management. Chapter 5 is dedicated to “Radiomics”, a new imaging technique that could revolutionize the diagnosis of lymphoma and the development of personalized medicine for the management of lymphoma in the days to come. Chapter 6 provides a comprehensive view of the recent progress in the overall management of lymphoma. Finally, Chapter 7 reports patient care in the non-western world, with emphasis on challenges, advances, and sustainability of implementing new diagnostic techniques for the  welfare  of  patients  in  daily  clinical  management  of lymphoma. This book is aimed primarily at clinicians and scientists, but many areas will also be of interest to the layperson.


Published: 2021-12-28


Francesco Bertoni, MD

Page vii


Andrea Gallamini, MD, Malik Juweid, MD

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List of Contributors

Pages xi-xiii

Epstein-Barr Virus-Positive Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

Motoharu Shibusawa, MD, Keisuke Kidoguchi, MD, Tetsuya Tanimoto, MD

Pages 27-46

Other Iatrogenic Immunodeficiency-Associated Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Motoharu Shibusawa, MD, Keisuke Kidoguchi, MD, Tetsuya Tanimoto, MD

Pages 59-70

Radiomics in Malignant Lymphomas

Stephane Chauvie, PHD, Luca Ceriani, MD, Emanuele Zucca, MD

Pages 71-82

Hodgkin Lymphoma: Recent Progress in Overall Management

Tarec Christoffer El-Galaly, MD, Anne Segolène Cottereau, MD, Adalgisa Condoluci, MD, Davide Rossi, MD, PHD, Jan Maciej Zaucha, MD, PHD, Anna Sureda, MD, PHD, Bruce Cheson, MD, Andrea Gallamini, MD

Pages 83-116

PET/CT Imaging of Lymphoma Outside the Western World

Raoul Gabus, MD, Astrid Pavlovsky, MD, Martin Eleta, MD, Tetiana Skrypets, MD, Irina Kryachok, MD, Olga Novosad, MD, Yana Stepanishyna, MD, Yaroslav Kmetyuk, MD, Ahmed Alaskar, MD, Naila Shaheen, MD, Ali SA, MBBChir, Mubarak Al-Mansour, MD, Fabrizio Bergesio, PHD, Stephane Chauvie, PHD

Pages 117-139