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Francesco Bertoni, MD

Lymphomas represent a very fast-growing field for both researchers and clinicians. The knowledge on the genetics and biology keeps on increasing. We can now subdivide the different histotypes in molecularly defined subgroups. A multitude of genes have been identified that, when deregulated, support the survival and growth of the lymphoma cells in a direct manner or indirectly influencing the tumor microenvironment. Targeted agents as single agents and in combination are used in the clinical practice and are evaluated in multiple clinical trials. Finally, improvements in imaging technologies and molecular analyses on cell-free DNA have been providing the rationale to adapt treatment plans based on the speed and depth of response. This book touches all these aspects with specific chapters. The first three chapters discuss certain specific lymphoma conditions: the pediatric lymphomas, the EBV-related lymphomas, and the immunodeficiency-related lymphomas in patients treated with immunosuppressive drugs for autoimmune disease or conditions other than in the post transplant setting. The chapters describe the genetics, the diagnostics, and the clinical features. These disease focused works are accompanied by a chapter on SETD2 (SET Domain Containing 2, Histone Lysine Methyltransferase), one of the most interesting proteins deregulated in lymphoma for its role..... CONTINUE READING….. 


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