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Molecular Imaging and Therapy

Molecular imaging and therapy have made important contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of many medical disease processes, especially in the area of oncology. The advancements in planar imaging, SPECT/CT, positron emission tomography (PET), PET/CT, PET/MRI and targeted molecular radiotherapy will continue to play an increasing role in patient care as newer molecular agents are introduced into clinical medicine. The open access book Molecular Imaging and Therapy provides a robust introduction into selected clinical topics that utilize molecular imaging and targeted radiotherapy and provides sufficient evidence-based details to allow clinicians of various specialties and backgrounds to gain a thorough understanding of the appropriate clinical uses and benefits of these molecular imaging and therapy techniques. The information in the 12 chapters of this book will greatly benefit Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Radiologists currently in practice and in training but will also be very useful to healthcare providers of all specialties wishing to stay current in their understanding of these molecular techniques as they apply to a wide spectrum of oncological and non-oncological diseases. Each chapter is written by molecular imaging experts in each topic. The authors provide the most clinically relevant and up-to-date research data on each topic and effectively incorporate this information into a format that is easy to comprehend by imaging and non-imaging specialists alike. Molecular Imaging and Therapy is practically organized by disease process, allowing the reader to easily locate an area to gain further knowledge. Whether it is used to explore past contributions or get a look forward to future developments in this field, this book will have very useful information for all.

Published: 2023-11-08


Scott B. Perlman, MD, MS

Pages vii-viii


Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages ix-xi


Pages xiii-xv

Molecular Imaging of Parkinson’s Disease

Gbenga Shogbesan, MD, Harry Schroeder III, MD, Domnique Newallo, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages 1-13

Molecular Imaging of Head and Neck Cancers

Sanchay Jain, MD, Amol M. Takalkar, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages 15-36

Nuclear Imaging and Therapy of Thyroid Disorders

Saima Muzahir, MD, Erin E. Grady, MD

Pages 37-57

Molecular Imaging of Lung and Pleural Tumors

Thangalakshmi Sivathapandi, MD, Jaykanth Amalchandran, MD, Amol Takalkar, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages 59-82

Molecular Imaging of Mediastinal Tumors

Jaykanth Amalachandran, MD, Amol Takalkar, MD, Thangalakshmi Sivathapandi, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages 83-103

Molecular Imaging of Breast Cancer

Venkata Subramanian Krishnaraju, MD, Harmandeep Singh, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD, Amol M. Takalkar, MD, Bhagwant Rai Mittal, MD

Pages 105-119

Molecular Imaging of Hepatobiliary Cancers

Karthikeyan Subramanian, MD, Piyush Aggarwal, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD, Harmandeep Singh, MD, Amol M. Takalkar, MD, Bhagwant Rai Mittal, MD

Pages 121-137

Molecular Imaging and Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumors

Saima Muzahir, MD, Erin E. Grady, MD

Pages 139-157

Utility of FDG PET/CT in Non-Prostate Male Genitourinary Pathology

Harry W. Schroeder III, MD, PhD, Bruce Barron, MD, MHA, FACNM

Pages 159-170

Molecular Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Saima Muzahir, MD, Erin E. Grady, MD, Scott J. Lee, MD

Pages 171-185

Molecular Imaging of Pediatric Lymphoma, Sarcomas, and Other Solid Tumors

Yamini Mathur, MD, Kritin Shankar, MD, Hardik Veerwal, MD, Suraj Kumar, MD, Rajender Kumar, MD, Amol M. Takalkar, MD, Lance T. Hall, MD

Pages 187-204


Pages 215-218

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