Treating Cerebral Ischemia: Novel Therapeutic Strategies from Experimental Stroke Research

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Xuan Zheng, MSC
Matteo Haupt, BSC
Mathias Bähr, MD
Lars Tatenhorst, PHD
Thorsten R. Doeppner, MD, MSC


Although systemic thrombolysis and endovascular treatment have revolutionized modern stroke treatment, the majority of patients do not qualify for either treatment paradigm. Hence, novel adjuvant therapeutic strategies are required. This chapter provides an overview of our current understanding of novel therapeutic strategies in preclinical stroke models. The chapter is organized in three major parts to cover the acute, subacute, and chronic phases of ischemic stroke. The potential of various pharmacological agents, stem cells, microRNAs, and extracellular vesicles as therapeutic avenues along with the progress and challenges are discussed.


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Chapter 11