Rapid Publication is a service to our authors to avoid unnecessary delays in publication of accepted chapters. Accepted chapters are published within 24 hours. 

Chapters under Rapid Publication are published immediately after editorial acceptance. These are PDF versions of chapters that have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication, but not yet copyedited or typeset. Chapters published under Rapid Publications are fully searchable and citable using the chapter's unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The citation details will not change even after the publication of the book in its final format.

All accepted chapters, irrespective of the title of a book, will appear under Rapid Publication as they get accepted. Once all chapters of a book have been accepted by the editors, the chapters will be copyedited and typeset, and the book will be published in its entirety under its respective title as displayed under Catalogue. Application for NCBI/NIH Bookshelf indexing will be made after the publication of the book in its entirety. See here for more information on PubMed indexing of books and book chapters.

There are two reasons for the implementation of Rapid Publication service. First, some authors submit the chapters well before the deadline. These chapters, if accepted by the editors after peer review, will reside in our computers until all other chapters arrive by the deadline and the completion of subsequent peer review. Second, even after the acceptance of all chapters of a book, copyediting, typesetting, and the creation of PDF, html, and xml documents takes many weeks. Because of this delay, the chapters lose valuable readership and possible citations. Rapid Publication will reduce the delay. Another advantage of Rapid Publication is that the authors can submit chapters any time before the deadline.

Published: 2022-10-22

PET Agents for Primary Brain Tumor Imaging

Anja van der Kolk, MD, PhD, Dylan Henssen, MD, PhD, Harry W Schroeder III, MD, PhD, Lance T Hall, MD