The Use of Imaging Tests for the Diagnosis and Management of Lung Nodules

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Blanca Lumbreras, PHD
Elisa Chilet-Rosell, PHD
Lucy A. Parker, PHD


Imaging tests have a central role in the diagnosis and management of lung cancer. Because of the increasing sensitivity of the current diagnostic imaging tests, and the implementation of screening programs, pulmonary nodules are more frequently detected in clinical practice. In addition, early detection of lung cancer and improvements in treatment have led to improved survival rates. As smoking was in the past more common among men, lung cancer has traditionally been considered as a male disease, particularly for older male smokers. However, this stereotype is no longer valid. A large number of studies point to a higher risk sensitivity in women than men for major lung cancer types. In this chapter, we describe the different clinical pathways in the management of solitary pulmonary nodules.


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