Applying Information and Communication Technology to Promote Healthy Aging in Older People: Japan’s Challenges and Perspective

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Aiko Osawa, MD, PHD
Shinichiro Maeshima, MD, PHD
Hidenori Arai, MD, PHD


Population aging is a global trend. Among rapidly aging countries, Japan has the highest aging rate, as well as a critical shortage of human and financial resources in the medical and nursing care fields. Another major challenge is that older people after retirement tend to lose contact with society and are deprived of opportunities to be active, resulting in a tendency to become confined, leading to a decline in physical and mental functions. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated social isolation, especially in older people, which can promote the progression of frailty and disability, causing further pressure on medical and care finances. One solution to these problems is the digitization of medical and care fields. Digital health is a field of knowledge and practice related to the development and use of digital technologies for health promotion, which is expected to develop further with the spread of the Internet environment and electronic devices. In this chapter, we describe the implications and applications of digital health for older people and introduce new initiatives in digital health and healthy longevity in Japan.


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