The Epidemiology of Stomach Cancer

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Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler, MD, MSC, PHD


The aim of this chapter is to examine stomach cancer incidence and mortality rates worldwide, focusing on numbers in Brazil. Data on new cases and deaths due to stomach cancer for 2020 and projections for 2040 were evaluated. A total of 1,089,103 new stomach cancer cases were estimated globally for 2020, with the highest incidence rates noted for Mongolia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. Concerning mortality, a total of 768,793 deaths were reported for the same year, with the highest rates observed in Mongolia, Tajikistan, and China. In Brazil, a total of 13,360 new stomach cancer cases among men and 7,870 among women were estimated for 2020, with 13,850 deaths reported for both sexes. Although both incidence and mortality rates currently exhibit a downward trend in most countries, including Brazil, the number of new cases and deaths each year is not negligible, indicating the need for continued actions to reduce exposure to stomach cancer risk factors and the expansion of early diagnoses with timely treatment.


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