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Tobias M. Böckers

More individuals are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) today than ever before. The term ASD encompasses conditions previously referred to as autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, or perversive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. The severity of ASD varies from mild to severe, and individuals with ASD differ significantly in the features they present. However, the core symptoms that include social, communication, and behavioral challenges are generally present. Despite significant research efforts, the exact causes remain poorly understood for many cases of ASD, and a combination of genetic and non-genetic factors seems likely. However, ASD occurs independently of race, ethnicity, or social background. Research in the field of ASD aims at answering several main questions: How can we diagnose ASD? What are the clinical features of ASD and their underlying pathomechanisms? What are the causative factors of ASD? How can we treat and prevent ASD? This book presents the current state of the art answers to all these questions. With contributions from clinicians, and translational and basic researchers in the field of ASD, this book provides a brief but comprehensive overview of ASD, including causes, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. CONTINUE READING.....


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