Prostate Cancer: Advances in Radiation Oncology, Molecular Biology, and Future Treatment Strategies

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Tao Wang, PHD
Brian Lewis, PHD
Marcus Ruscetti, PHD
Kriti Mittal, MD, MS
Ming-Jin Wang, DO
Mitchell Sokoloff, MD
Linda Ding, PHD
Maryann Bishop-Jodoin, MED
Thomas J. FitzGerald, MD


Prostate cancer remains an important health problem worldwide affecting one in every six men including members of vulnerable communities. Although successful treatments have been delivered to men affected with the disease resulting in improved patient outcome, process improvements including therapy titration and augmentation are needed to optimize tumor control and limit normal tissue injury from therapy. In this chapter, we describe current management strategies for optimal patient care with radiation therapy and opportunities for improvement of care moving forward with applied science to apply therapy in a strategic manner, potentially improving care and outcome for patients treated for this disease.


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