Unique Benefits of Publishing with Exon Publications

We provide an exceptional publishing service to our authors. The following the list of benefits of publishing an open access book chapter with Exon Publications.  

1. NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf, PubMed, and Europe PMC indexing: All our books are indexed in NCBI/NIH/NLM Bookshelf, PubMed, and Europe PubMed Central. See here for more information on indexing.

2. Scopus Indexing: See here for more information.

3. Web of Science indexing: See here for more information.

4. DOAB indexing: Indexing in the Directory of Open Access Books

5. Exceptionally low fees: Our fees are exceptionally low. See here for more information on Publishing Fee. There are no other hidden fees or taxes.

6. Free eBook: All authors will receive the pdf of the entire book without any additional cost.

7. Rapid publication: Accepted chapters are published within 24 hours. See here for more information.

8. Publication in three different formats: Each chapter is published in three different formats: pdf, html, and xml.

9. Generous content limit: Each chapter can have up to 7000 words, four multi-panel figures (all can be in color) and two tables.

10. Performance of chapters: Authors can monitor the performance of their chapters. The number of downloads and the citations are available below the abstract of each article. Authors do not have to login to our site to access these details.

11. Unrestricted free access: All chapters are freely available to anyone with an internet, anywhere in the world, without any restrictions. Readers do not have to sign in or register with our site to access the pdf of chapters.

12. Digital Object Identifier (Doi): Dois are assigned for each book, and for individual chapters. Also, we identify and include the dois to references in the list if they are available in the Crossref database.

13. Copyright: The authors retain the copyright of their chapters. There is no need to transfer copyright to us. Information about copyright is found here.



Expression of Interest: Contact us at books@exonpublications.com or reply to the invitation email you may have received with the tentative title of the chapter along with your full name and current institutional affiliation. No further information is necessary at this stage. 

Chapter Proposal: If there is enough interest, the acquisitions editor will request all interested authors to submit chapter proposals.

Decision about the Project: All chapter proposals will undergo a double-blind peer review by at least two external referees. This is to avoid prejudice against authors based on status, nationality, gender, race, or any other factors. The focus will be on what is being proposed rather than who proposed it. If there are seven or more accepted proposals, the project will continue. Otherwise, the project will be discontinued.

Full Chapter Submission: If a decision is made to continue, the authors will be required to submit the book chapter by the deadline as indicated by the acquisitions editor.

The acquisitions editor of each book will be the single point of contact who will liaise with the authors, editors, project managers and publisher.